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I love that idea so so much! Please do send a photo, I would love to see what you create!

Our Monster’s, Inc. Movie Night for Disney Family!

Melissa June 8, Erin July 22, Found a link to this on Mod Podge Rocks blog. What a cute idea! Kelly July 24, Thanks Erin!! Do i need helium balloons or is it ok with normal balloons which we blow???? Shannon September 15, Did anyone end up mailing one? I would love to send one to my grandson!


If I find out any useful info from them I will share. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing:. Kelly September 17, Hi Shannon!

Unfortunately shipping helium filled balloons is not the easiest, it really depends on how they are shipped. I would definitely check with your local post office for tips, but to my knowledge, you may be able to ship them via ground but not via air the pressure will not bode well for the helium! Alternatively, you could send a box of air filled balloons. Mary November 16, I shipped something like this but with air filled balloons. This shipped just fine and when they opened the box it just looked like balloons until one popped and then the party started with popping all 20 balloons!

Kirsten January 25, Annabelle November 26, Does anyone know how those do-it-yourself home helium machines work and how much do they sell for? How long does the helium filled balloon last? Kelly December 1, Hey Annabelle!

1st Birthday Balloons

At-home helium machines like the Balloon Time ones are great, I use them often! The float time for latex balloons is about hours. Genesis January 18, What would you recommend the size of the box be? Kelly January 20, Larger than that would be ideal. Hope that helps! Christine February 5, This is exactly the idea I had in mind for surprising my kids this wknd with our upcoming Walt Disney trip!. I am going to get Disney balloons at my local party store and do this with a few Disney trinkets inside. Patricia Morgan February 27, I am going to try this sending to a boy who loves to get mail…. Wish me luck!

Alene March 25, I did this for my youngest daughters 17th birthday. Started off horsebackriding at a ranch in Hawaii and saw the beautiful scenery ontop of the hill.

She was smiling as she slowly opened the box. Out came a large princess balloon along with smaller ones attached to Vera Bradley gift bags. It was a very memorable birthday celebration.

Lisa Thompson April 19, Ana Hp May 2, Mira S. September 27, Chelsey July 9, Marta July 29, Sam August 2, I LOVE this idea! Any recommendations? Yours looks fairly large in the picture! Kelly August 4, Hope that helps!!

Birthday Balloon Bouquet in Sun Valley, CA | Bardwell's Florist

Agatha August 25, Kelly September 15, Melissa Wheaton September 23, I am planning on doing this for our gender reveal in the next 2 weeks. I just wondered what size roughly your balloons were? I am thinking of either getting a large moving box 19by18by24 or an Xlarge moving box 22by22by Instead of spray painting the box, I wrapped the gift which is a watch put it inside the small box, then I wrapped the small box in gift wrapping paper as well.

I will be using the same wrapping paper to wrap the large box that holds everything. The ballons will then be taped to a card which will be taped to the small box inside. So, on September 30th while he is asleep I will place this on his side of the bed….

I hope it turns out well. Thanx for this great diy!!! Magda July 25, Kay M July 28, You can follow studiodiy. Maite Parafernalia April 4, Envelope full of glitter or confetti — To your enemy or your best friend, depending on […]. Temple Buzz July 15, Select from one of many precreated messages. Recipient information name, address, etc. This item was added to your cart. Ask Flora. Take another birthday to brand new heights with this colorful arrangement of flowers and a high-flying birthday balloon.

Alstroemeria, carnations, chrysanthemums and lilies are delivered in a clear glass vase with attached foil balloon. Forrester October 24, Thank you for your great service, I saw a picture via Facebook, she was very happy. You May Also Like. Recently Viewed. You have not viewed any products recently. Holiday pricing is in effect for this item.

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Holiday pricing is in effect for this product. The price is different based on the delivery date that you select. Select Add on Items. Please select the type of Mylar Balloon to send. Mylar Balloons.

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Please select the color Latex Balloon to send. Home Birthday Balloon Bouquet. Directly From A Local Florist. Hand Delivered. Product Information When you want your gift to make a big impression give them this fun Balloon Bouquet. Substitution Policy. In-Store Pickup Only. Add a zip code for delivery details Add Zip Check. Order Now.