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Scorpio: Get your free monthly horoscope reading for January love, The 21st, 2nd decan, beware of certain desires that might seem excessive in the.

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This might be the start of a business, the time of a marriage, moving into a new house or whatever. Choosing the moment does not guarantee success - no amount of astrology will make a happy marriage between two fundamentally incompatible people - but it does help to make the best out of what is available. For most purposes, horary provides an immediate answer with a level of precision that cannot readily be obtained from the birth-chart. For example, your birth-chart may suggest that you are going to marry this year; but it is not able to tell you whether this will be to person A or person B.

Horary can do just that. There are occasions, however, when an examination of the birth-chart can be valuable. The essential requirement if you are to make use of a birth-chart reading is a readiness to make changes in yourself and in your life. You may be puzzled about your direction in one area of your life. Rosicrucian Philosophy Q and A V. Death, free will, astrology, more. Simplified Scientific Astrology No interpretation. Teachings of an Initiate Web of Destiny Henson, Donna W.

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Degrees of the Zodiac Henson, Donna The Vertex: The Third Angle Herbst, Bill Houses of the Horoscope Herring, Amy Astrology of the Moon Heydon, Daniel Numerology, Little Giant Enyclopedia Hickey, Isabel Astrology, A Cosmic Science A classic. Hill, Judith A Medical Astrology The Lunar Nodes The Part of Fortune in Astrology Vocational Astrology Hill, Lynda Hill and Gehrz Hinshaw, Annette Earthtime, Moontime Hofman, Oscar Classical Medical Astrology Hoffman, Enid Hands: A Complete Guide to Palmistry Holden, James H.

A History of Horoscopic Astrology, 2nd ed. Five Medieval Astrologers Porphyry the Philosopher Rhetorius the Egyptian The Judgments of Nativities Hone, Margaret The Modern Text-Book of Astrology First published in Hopewell, Joyce Aspect Patterns in Colour The Living Birth Chart Hopewell and Llewellyn The Cosmic Egg Timer Houghton, Marlene An Astrological Apothecary Houlding, Deborah The Houses Howell, Alice O.

Jungian Symbolism in Astrology Huber, Bruno Astrological Psychosynthesis Huber, Louise Huber, Louise and Bruno AstroLog I: Life and Meaning Aspect Pattern Astrology Astrology and the Seven Rays Moon Node Astrology The Astrological Houses The Planets Transformation: Astrology as a Spiritual Path Hunter, M. Black Moon Lilith Includes ephemeris. Living Lilith Hyde, Stella Darkside Zodiac Ibn Ezra, Abraham The Beginning of Wisdom Ibn Ezra, Avaraham The Book of Nativities and Revolutions Idemon, Richard The Magic Thread Through the Looking Glass Jackson, Cass and Janie Astrology for Success Simply Astrology Jacobson, Ivy G.

All Over the Earth Astrologically Astrological Essays Delineation Correspondence Course in Astrology Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology Explain Me Why Astrologically Foundation of the Astrol. From Outer Space to Planet Earth Here and There in Astrology In the Beginning, Astrology Simplified Horary Astrology Way of Astrology James, Reina All the Sun Goes Round Jansky, Robert C Astrology, Nutrition and Health Javane, Faith Zodiac Symbology Jay, Delphine Interpreting Lilith Jayne, Charles A New Dimension in Astrology Preface to Prenatal Charts Progressions and Directions The Best of Charles Jayne four books in one Jayne, Vivia Aspects to Horoscope Angles Johnson and Adams The Fated Presidents Jones, Marc Edmund Astrology How and Why It Works The Marc Edmund Jones Sabian Symbols in Astrology Kaldera, Raven Moon Phase Asrology Karen, Michelle Astrology for Enlightenment Kellogg, Joan The Yod Its Esoteric Meaning Kenner, Corinne Tarot for Writers Kent, April Elliott Star Guide to Weddings Keyes, King Parallels to MC and Ascendant Kimmel, Eleonora Altered and Unfinished Lives Cosmobiology for the 21st Century Fundamentals of Cosmobiology Kirk, Eleanor Kochunas, Brad The Astrological Imagination Koolman, Margaret Soul Purpose Astrology Koparkar, Mohan Aspects Magnified Degrees of Zodiac Magnified Moon Mansions Precise Progressed Charts Kozminsky, Isidore Zodiacal Symbology Lamb, Terry Born to be Together Lang-Wescott, Martha Architects of Time The Orders of Light Mechanics of the Future Angles and Prediction Lansdowne, Zachary The Rays and Esoteric Psychology Larson and Rogers Establishing a Professional Astrological Practice Lass, Martin Lau, Theodora Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes Lavoie, Alphee Horary at Its Best Horary Lectures Lose this Book and Find it with Horary The Four Paths to God Lehman, J.

Astrology of Sustainability Traditional Medical Astrology The Book of Rulerships Classical Astrology for Modern Living Classical Solar Returns Essential Dignities Martial Arts of Horary Astrology The Ultimate Asteroid Book Leo, Alan Dictionary of Astrology Esoteric Astrology The Progressed Horoscope The Key to Your Own Nativity Levine, Joyce Breakthrough Astrology Levitt, Susan Taoist Astrology Lewis, Jim; Ken Irving Lilly, William The Astrologers Guide Christian Astrology Christian Astrology Book Lind, Ingrid Astrologically Speaking Compendium of Astrology Lineman, Rose Eclipse Interpretation Manual Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts Case histories.

Your Prenatal Eclipse Lingerman, Hal The Book of Numerology Louis, Anthony Horary Astrology: Plain and Simple Also event charts. Tarot Plain and Simple Lowe, Kelly An Astrologers Journey Lunsted, Betty Astrological Insights into Personality Family patterns, influences at birth and in early years. Lyons, Tim Astrology Beyond Ego MacDonald, Richard Nasty Astrology Macphail, Jamie Astrology and the Causes of War Makransky, Bob Planetary Strength Manilius, M. Five Books of Manilius Mann, Mark Astrology for the Absolute Beginner Manning, Marguerite Cosmic Karma March and McEvers Marcus, Rose, ed.

Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology Mark, Alexandra Marriage Made in Heaven Marks, Tracy The Art of Chart Interpretation The Astrology of Self-Discovery Your Secret Self Martin, Clare Mapping the Psyche, Vol. Martinie and Glassman New Orleans Tarot Kit Mashaallah trans. Six Astrological Treatises by Mashaallah On Reception Masino, Marcia Best Tarot Practices Mason, Sophia Art of Forecasting Using Diurnal Charts Aspects Between Signs Basic Fundamentals of Natal Chart Delineation of Progressions Forecasting with New, Full and Quarter Moons From One House to Another Lunations and Predictions Ascendant and Their Rulers Understanding Planetary Placements Understanding the Houses You and Your Ascendant Massey, Anne Maternus, Firmicus Sets forth the fundamentals of Greek astrology M McBroom, Don McClung, Kent The Hyperion Symbols McCormack, George J.

McCoy, Edain McDevitt, Theresa Why History Repeats McEvers, Joan Ed. Spiritual, Methaphy. McRae, I. Understanding Interceptions McWhirter, Louise Meridian, Bill Planetary Economic Forecasting Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths Meyer, Michael The Astrology of Relationships Meyers, Eric The Astrology of Awakening, Vol. Michelsen, Neil Tables of Planetary Phenomena Michelsen, Teresa The Complete Tarot Reader Milburn, Leigh H.

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Progressed Horoscope Simplified Miller, Rev. Designs for the New Age Interceptions: Heralds of a New Age Intercepted Planets: Possibilities for a New Age Moore, Barbara What Tarot Can Do for You Morin Tr. Astrologia Gallica Book Astrologia Gallica Books 13, 14, 15, The Cabal of the Twelve Astrological Houses Muir, Marilyn Presidents of Hope and Change The Math of Astrology Nagle, Evelyn M Winning With Astrology Nasser, Rafael, ed.

Under One Sky Nauman, Eileen Medical Astrology Rev. Book of Nutrition Negus, Joan Astrological Alchemy Neville, E. Planets In Synastry Nevin, Bruce Astrology Inside Out Newman, Paul Declination in Astrology Luna: The Astrlogical Moon Nolle, Richard Chiron: New Planet in Your Horo Ephem Noonan, George Classical Scientific Astrology Predictive, houses, signs, planets. Fixed Stars And Judicial Astrology Oken, Alan Alan Okens Complete Astrology Pocket Guide to Astrology Rulers of the Horoscope Soul Centered Astrology Love After Sex Omarr, Sydney Answer in the Sky Orion, Rae Astrology for Dummies Orr, Marjorie Lovers Guide Changing Your Destiny Ovason, David The Secrets of Nostradamus Palmer, Lynne Astrological Compatibility Astro-Guide To Nutrition and Vitamins Gambling to Win Papus Lehman, tr.

Astrology for Initiates Parry, Robert In Defense of Astrology In Defence of Astrology, 2nd. Listed below are three romantic sources of potential pitfall that a double Sagittarian couple should always be mindful of if they wish their same signed union to survive.


For the potential pitfalls of other same-signed unions, be sure to check out Love In the Stars. Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson made themselves fully aware of these pitfalls by enacting each of them in total excess and in front of as many unfortunate bystanders as possible:. The Doors emerged on the music scene in and their wild ride ended with the demise of the band's Sagittarian leading man a mere six years later, in During that six year period, Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson sought a pleasure principle that the rest of the non-Jupiterian populace couldn't even fathom as being humanly possible.

While together, the two Sagittarians partook in every narcotic known to human consumption at the time with both Fire Signs influentially stoking each other's hedonistic passions into a blazing bonfire of reckless irresponsibility As stated earlier, The 27 Club is a group of famed artists who perished by their own demise with each member taking exit from this world at the age of Here, it must be once again pointed out that the sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur, is the ninth sign of the Zodiac.

Let Jim and Pam's combustible relationship serve as romantic example for each of us to make the most of every action-filled minute with our significant others, but to do so in romantic moderation. Given the hedonistic love union between the only two members of The 27 Club that were romantically tied together have clearly shown, to both Jupiterian and non-Jupiterian persons alike, that there really is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

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Horoscopes, Moon phases, weekly forecasts, herbal tips, and more all wrapped up in easy-to-use guides! Fill every day with a touch of magic! A full year of guidance and stunning imagery! In Our Astrology Blog. From October 31st to November 20th, the planet Mercury will be traveling retrograde through the Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Angela A. Wix, author of Llewellyn's Little Book of Unicorns.

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