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When we can integrate what we learned from Chiron being in every sign and house, we move up an octave in vibration and we spiral up to a new cycle. If we fail to do so, we continue in a circle. This is not a race, so no judgment. Again, consciousness and conscientiousness together can transform our point of awareness and perspective, just like that.

Chiron is the son of Kronos Saturn. To escape detection for his adultery with the sea nymph Phylia, he transformed himself into a horse and hence Chiron is half-horse and half-man. Some say unicorn.

Ruling Planets of the Zodiac Signs

He is also half-earth and half-sea. Chiron is thus a bridge between the animal instincts and our higher self. Because Chiron travels between Uranus and Saturn, touching on both orbits at some point, we also see it as a mediator between these two planets, archetypes, and energies. Uranus is about freedom, sudden change, rebirth, genius. Saturn is about structure, material, time, and limits. How do we incorporate these energies into our daily life and in fulfilling our dreams?

How did Chiron get wounded? Because Chiron was immortal, he did not perish though the wound never fully healed. In the end, he offered to die in exchange for the freedom of Prometheus who was being punished for stealing fire for humankind. Chiron was a renowned healer and wise teacher, with students including Jason, Achilles, Hercules, and Asclepius. He taught astrology, healing music, medicine, archery, for example. We all have a Chiron return between 49 and 51 years old.

For those born between and , you will have your Chiron Return in the next several years. You can check with an astrologer for the timing. Check the table below to see the dates when Chiron was in Aries as Chiron did move out of Aries twice in this time span. Chiron in Sign info is from Cafe Astrology 2.

Chiron returning to Aries means that a whole new generation of Chiron in Aries folks are being born now. This may manifest as worthlessness, doubt, a fear of being frail and dependent, a sense of misunderstood, rejected, abandoned, not good enough or unloved, self-pity, and self-judgment. They can also overcompensate by always needing to prove themselves. Those with Chiron in Aries can become gifted, unique, and creative healers, teachers, leaders, pioneers, and catalysts. The energy of Aries is initiating, quick, creative, direct, bold, and driven.

Ruling Planets of the Zodiac Signs

Aries rules the head and the wound needing our attention may be a physical one. This may be a head trauma, headaches and migraines, and concussions. Aries is also associated with the planet Mars and the element of Fire. Chiron teaches the ways of the sacred warrior. It all boils down to their sense of worth. Love is all around.

Chiron in Taurus

They were born to love and be loved. If they learn to value themselves, others will value them also. They should take time for introspection. Chiron in Gemini deals with communication and the nervous system. They may need healing for the way they communicate. Maybe they are terribly shy or maybe they feel no one listens to them. Perhaps they feel unable to communicate clearly enough or feel they are not as smart as those around them. Whatever the problem, they need to take the time to learn how to overcome it. They should take some time and list the things they are very knowledgeable about.

This will give them more confidence. They should spend time researching. They could practice speaking or writing in order to communicate their ideas. Chiron's gift should be used to broaden their horizons in ways they didn't think was possible. Chiron in Cancer may feel like an outsider.

Chiron through the houses

They may feel unwanted, un-nurtured and unloved. On the good side, they are very nurturing themselves. It is difficult for them to let others care for them. They may give to everyone except themselves.

Astrological symbols

They may end up taking in every stray that crosses their path. They need to learn to give to themselves and cherish their own needs. This helps balance them and make them whole.

Opening themselves up to accept love and care from others is a big step towards healing that inner hurt. If they can learn to indulge themselves once in awhile, they will begin to realize what they have been missing all along. Chiron in Leo feels that their talents have been overlooked.

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Perhaps they feel they never got the chance to shine, or maybe they feel awkward or untalented. They have the gift to help others bring out their own creativity. The difficulty they have expressing their own talents may stem from being stifled as a child or forced to perform by their families.

In order to help overcome these feelings, Chiron in Leo needs to find a way to touch their inner child and reawaken their creativity. It may help to do some creative play with their own children or to find a class that they find interesting. The unrealized potential is there, right below the surface. Chiron in Virgo will usually have some kind of health issues to contend with.

What is Chiron Retrograde?

They may feel there are things wrong that can never be healed. This combination can end up being overly critical or obsessed with tiny details. They may also just give up and live in chaos. They may become hypochondriacs or neglect their own health. They must learn to deal with imperfection. This can be very difficult for them. On the positive side, Chiron and Virgo understand each other. They may be able to heal not only others, but themselves. These are the players in the cosmic drama expressed through the zodiac signs.

Based on observations of qualities and "energies" of planets and zodiac signs, early astrologers started to match them up. Some are unchanged since the earliest days of astrology, while other pairings were made after the discovery of Uranus , Neptune , and Pluto The discovery of Chiron , which is considered a comet and a dwarf planet, and Pluto's demotion to dwarf may alter these associations over time. Being "ruler" of a sign means that the ruling planet and its energies are the primary influence.

For example, if your Sun is in Gemini , the influence of Mercury prevails for your Sun sign. The "energy" of the Sun is harnessed by Mercury, whose influence overrules the Sun's qualities and determines the way solar power is expressed. Every zodiac sign has a ruling planet or two, which adds a dimension to its qualities Taurus' and Virgo's modern associations aren't universally accepted or integrated :.